The objective of this course is to give necessary fundamental theory in static and time-varying electromagnetics to electrical and electronics engineering students.  To give necessary background on Electric and Magnetic fields, Maxwell’s equations, their relations to the wave equation and wave propagation in different media.

Course Content:

1                Vector Analysis; Gradient of a Scalar Fields, Divergence of vector fields, Helmholtz’s Theorem

2                Static Electric Fields;  Postulates of Electrostatics, Coulomb’s  law, Gauss’s law and applications

3                Capacitance and Capacitors, Electrostatic Energy and Forces

4                Solution of Electrostatic Problems; Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations

5                Solution of Electrostatic Problems; Boundary Value Problems in Cartesian Coordinates

6                Steady Electric Currents; Current Density, Ohm’s Law, Boundary Condition for Current Density, Equation of Continuity and Kirchhoff’s Law, Power Dissipation

7                Static Magnetic Fields; Postulates of Magnetostatics, Vector Magnetic Potential, Biot-Savart Law

8                Magnetic Energy, Magnetic Forces and Torques, Inductance and Inductors

9                Ability to report the findings, conclusions and interpretations related to a project, ability to write technical reports, to prepare and conduct effective presentations

10             Time-Varying Fields and Maxwell’s Equations; Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, Maxwell’s Equations

11             Wave Equations and Its solution. Plane Electromagnetic Waves; Plane waves in lossless media, Plane wave in Lossy media

12             Transmission and Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves

13             Transmission  Lines, Waveguides

14             Cavity Resonators.

Textbook: Field and Wave Electromagnetics Second Edition by David K. Cheng

​Assessment: 40% Midterm, 40% Final, 20% Homeworks